Planetary Agenda

This agenda is a tool for organizing our time in harmony with planetary movements. It contains a lot of technical information that can be extremely useful to those who know or have a desire to study the basic laws of Astrology. But it contains also interpretationaltexts briefly describing the astro-psychological atmosphere of each week.A 15-page introduction gives tables explaining the various astrological symbols and their symbolic meanings, as well as basic explanations for the various "planetary events" that may happen and influence our lives during the year. This introduction ends with a survey of what will occur in 2020 from an astrological point of view, globally for the year, then on a monthly basis.

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Novelties for 2021

We have a new cover, with brighter colors. This year, the weekly chart is sometimes the complete chart for a New Moon, an Eclipse or an Ingress.

1 to 4 agendas: $22 per agenda + $8,00 (mailing fees in Canada)

2 to 4 agendas: $22 per agenda + $15 (mailing fees in Canada)

5 to 9 agendas: $22 per agenda + $15 (mailing fees in Canada)

10 agendas and more: $20 per agenda + $20,00 (mailing fees in Canada)