Introduction to Astrology learning 

4 hours to discover what is astrology and understant it mechanism. ($25).
By Zoom, Skype or in person.

Group Animation available for special events, with interactive games.
(Price on request).

The following courses are built according to the guidelines of the Canadian Association for Astrological Education Tutoring Guide and the courses offered can be validated by a CAAE diploma.

Each level will be finalized by an examination.

LEVEL 1 - 60 hours (12 weeks)

Core Topics

  • Signs & Planets
  • Elements & Modes
  • Sign Rulerships (dignity, detriment, exaltation and fall)
  • Houses (division by hemisphere, quadrants, element & mode, planetary rulerships)
  • Major Aspects
  • Sun/Moon/Ascendant blend
  • Chart Ruler
  • Chart Signature
  • Moon Phases

Introductory Topics

  • Chart Patterns
  • Major Aspect Patterns/Configurations
  • Retrograde Planets

LEVEL 2 - 60 hours (12 weeks)

Core Topics

  • Focal points or chart standouts, unaspected planets
  • Detailed delineation of major aspect configurations (stellium, yod, grand trine, grand cross, T-Square)
  • 8 major chart patterns
  • Retrograde planets
  • Moon's Nodes, Moon Phases, Void of Course Moon
  • Intercepted signs and planets and repeated house cusps
  • Dispositor Tree & Final Dispositor
  • Mutual Reception
  • Delineation of House Cusps and Empty Houses
  • Derivative Houses
  • Aspects to the angles
  • Minor aspects (semisquare, sesquisquare, semi-sextile, quintile, etc.)
  • Declinations: Parallels and contra-parallels and out-of-bounds planets
  • Knowledge of relationship houses for analyzing relationship potential
  • Knowledge of vocational houses for analyzing potential career choices

Introductory Topics

  • Chiron & Four Asteroids (Ceres, Juno, Pallas and Vesta)
  • Fixed Stars

Discussion Topics

(A brief 20-30 min discussion of each topic)

  • Ethics & Confidentiality
  • History of Astrology (key facts only) - optional
  • Tropical vs. Sidereal Zodiac (intro)
  • House Systems (intro)

LEVEL 3 - 95 hours (20 weeks)

Core Topics

A working knowledge of:

Natal chart interpretation

  • Midpoints Theory
  • Trending/forecasting techniques:
  • Transits
  • Planetary cycles
  • Secondary Progressions
  • Solar Arc Directions
  • Solar Returns
  • Other planetary returns

Introductory Topics

  • Lunations and eclipses
  • Relocation Astrology
  • Mundane Astrology (Ingress Charts, Eclipses, Lunations, Great Conjunctions)


Classes: from 4 to 8 persons (by Zoom, skype or in person).


Level 1: 12 weeks $450.00

Level 2: 12 weeks $450.00

Level 3: 20 weeks $720.00

Private Tutorial: $60/hour.

Buy a group of 6 private tutorial or more: $50/heure.