As its name suggests, this chart is a snapshot of the skies as the sun returns to its natal placement, or where it was when you were born, in a given year. 

It's a great birthday gift to yourself, it can give you an idea of what lies ahead for the next year of your life, and, as far as decor is concerned, it can look pretty different from your birth chart.

One of the best ways to get to know your child is through astrology. It will explain your little one's personality, talents, challenges and purposes in life. 

Once you know that, you can be the best parent possible!

Relocation astrology explores not just where you should move, but when you should move and why or maybe why you shouldn't move at all.

If you're thinking about a change of scenery I can very well help you make a move for the better.

You're probably familiar with Sun-sign astrology or the "horoscope" you see online that generalizes the current planetary activity for each of the twelve signs. But your horoscope, tailored to you, is actually your birth or "natal chart." This circular diagram is calculated based on your date, place, and minute of birth. It's a snapshot of where the planets were positioned the moment you took your first breath.

If you've come upon something in your life that you can't make sense of, or are transitioning (new job, getting married), or just feeling like you need direction, a natal chart reading could be for you. Some people come back yearly or quarterly to check in with the cosmos.

Before getting a natal chart reading, be open-minded, ready to listen, and realistic. Astrology is a tool that tells you when to push the pedal to the medal and when to pump the brakes.

Working from your horoscope we can identify underlying causes of health problems, identify weak areas in need of support and suggest not only the treatment therapies you will respond best to, but also when to initiate treatment for maximum benefit.

Note : A medical astrologer without a medical license never provides a diagnosis nor prescribes a treatment, working instead in the more general areas of assessments and recommendations, and collaborating with medical practitioners in the prevention and treatment of disease.

We will do an analysis and compare the planets , in both charts, in different houses that impact the way you behave and act in relationship, what you expect in a relationship, what you need in a relationship to feel emotionally content, the challenges you face in a relationship and the way you need to deal with the challenges in your relationship with your partner to make it an everlasting love bond.

The most important part in a relationship is being aware of yourself and your needs in a relationship.

Astrology is a technique for understanding the sorts of cyclical changes that affect business and prosperity. It's also an outstanding tool for understanding yourself and other people so you can create strong, lasting business relationships.

By elaborating the chart of your business, you:

  • Leverage your unique personality and strengths-and downplay your greatest weaknesses

  • Grow in to the leader you're born to be by learning your highest potential and what's likely to trip you up in the game of life

  • Get in-depth insight into your team, especially their biggest ambition, greatest emotional needs, and best communication style

  • Understand how to lead your team for best effectiveness and greatest results

  • Understand cycles and timing so you can prevent problems before they happen

  • Size up your competition to set your best strategy

  • Manage a merger or acquisition effectively by timing key events and understanding new players' personalities so you can integrate a new company and its people and culture more smoothly

  • Know the best times to launch an intitiative-and the times you should wait to make your move so you can refine your offering to give it the best chance of success

We will put the emphasys on you, your business, and the areas where you need help to thrive in your career and business.

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