I am Aries Asc. Balance with Mercury conjunct the Sun in house VII. In fact, it means that I am a quick-witted, analytical person who is resolutely turned towards others, so ready to serve you and help you move forward on your life path!

The ruler of my Asc. is in house VIII trine Pluto; Neptune is in house II, which strongly feeds my intuitive side!

Astrology is for me an activity where you never finish learning and discovering ; where the main lesson is to understand that we are all interdependent on each other and we have to accomplish a certain path on Earth.

My skills will help you become aware of this choice of life path and help you reach it. Astrology is in itself a growth tool.

I discovered astrology 22 years ago by septicism at first, then the curiosity helping I wanted to know more and finally the passion took over. I took a four-year training in astrology at a recognized school and completed several training courses and workshops in parallel. Subsequently, I expanded my knowledge by following training in Feng Shui, Aromatherapy and Tarot.

Looking forward to serving you!