Full Moon - October 1, 2020

This Aries Full Moon is the first of this two Full Moons month.  

The energy of this Full Moon will bring new situations and will challenge us with new ideas, new approach, new affirmations. The emphasis is on individual action and evaluation of the rules and regulations in place. Some tension may be feel, a need to go beyond is merging inside.

With the dominant aspects of Saturn, Mars and Neptune, this Full Moon is highly electric. But nothing is 100% yet clear and caution should be our guide.

Each of our reaction should be evaluated and planned. No rush, no impulsion.

This Full Moon is also the Harvesting Moon. As you may know it is a perfect time to harvest your medicinal herbs and prepare all your remedies for helping arteries, gall bladder and blood (improving your immune system).

During the Full Moon period (after October 1st), it will be a good time to plant your root plants and transplant plants for which the intention is to use leaves.

I which you all a beautiful Harvesting Moon.



In this chaotic time, the full Moon of May 2020 will also indicate the beginning of retrograde motions for some planets.

Xmas Holiday Season seems to be all about buying gifts, sharing meals, taking care of the loves ones.... which means we spend time in a frenetic atmosphere till the new year comes and find us totally exhausted by all this....