Full Moon - May 7th 2020


In this chaotic time, the full Moon of May 2020 will also indicate the beginning of retrograde motions for some planets.

The Full Moon will take place in the Taurus/Scorpio Axis will occur at 17`Scorpio.

This axis represents our values (salaries and savings), our daily needs according to our perspectives. So no doubt, this month will be a deep reevaluation of our goals, objectives, and values. What do we really need? What do we want?

Saturn entered Aquarius in late March and will retrograde in Aquarius on May 11th up to September 28th.

Venus will retrograde in Gemini on May 13th up to June 26th.

Jupiter will retrograde in Capricorn on May 15th up to September 13 th.

While the Full Moon is putting the emphasis on unknown conditions of the evolution of the economy and on struggles on how to get out of this pandemic; the inner personal work will be more intense and deeper.

Slowing down expansion and growth will hit real estate markets, banks and could be the beginnings of bankruptcies.

Communication is still confusing.

The pandemic took everyone by surprise and all the efforts deployed are still the results of a forecasting approach of the problem rather than a concrete long-term action. Trying to manage an unstoppable virus is actually a chess game.

We might see a slowdown in the pandemic and have the impression it will be under control, but we might have to experiment consequences of it, or another irruption, when Saturn will turn direct in November and will be in conjunction to the Pluto/Jupiter conjunction, like in January 2020.

The speed race for finding a vaccine is fully active and competition is high. And the cost of this quest might be costly for all of us.

Economical issues will start to appear, companies will have to rethink their production. In parallel, a period of fusion and acquisition for multi nationals.

The good thing about this New Moon is the brainstorming and inventions that might result from that period and bring long-term improvements, new technologies and structures (Saturn in Aquarius).

Keep in mind that 2020 is a dance between expansion and restriction, rebellion and control, transformation and tradition, regulations and breaking the rules and when this dance will end, for sure the world will never be the same. So take the opportunity of this full Moon to visualize your future and determine your needs and expectations.

Wish you all the best!